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  • The Pro Lift C-4031 is All American Made Bone-ster creeper with the capacity of 400 pounds; It is lighter, and compact version of the original Bone creeper; With 1-1/4 inch above the ground, it gives you the easy access to underneath a car
  • C-4031 Bone-ster Creeper revolutionizes working under a car; It is so comfortable and easy to use and durability; The Bone-ster is also more comfortable for the Big & Tall crowd, as the smaller wheel pods allow for less restricted shoulder movement
  • With the patented "dog bone" shape, it is a proven design that is more durable, more comfortable, less likely to tip over and easier to work on
  • The Bone-ster Creeper features the unique one-piece body that is molded of the same special engineering-grade co-polymer as the original Bone; It is smooth, comfortable, easy to clean, resistant to gasoline, oil and almost all other common solvents
  • The deep, smoothly molded structural ribs add incredible strength and durability without adding bulk and weight, which provides welcome ventilation for those hot muggy days; Two molded in handholds make it easy to carry and easy to secure