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  • BC Silicon Carbide Type
  • Brake Cylinders, Hydraulics Valve Guides, Lifter Bores
  • With minimal stock removal and without damaging or changing the micro substructure of the metal, the Flex-Hone tool plateaus the surface, removes cut, torn and folded metal creating a cross-hatched finish that retains a film of oil, reducing friction, ring wear, and the factors that lead to scuffing. In hydraulics and two-stroke engines there is the double benefit of radiusing the ports and finishing the cylinder walls in a single operation.
  • Note: Flex Hone grits cannot be compared to stone type grits.
  • Typical Applications Include: Air compressors, Hydraulic ram cylinders, Hydraulic valve bodies and valve guides, Hydraulic motor bodies, Pneumatic cylinders, Surface finishing of boiler parts, Compressed air tool bodies, Brake cylinders (wheel), Clutch and brake master cylinders, Finishing of stainless steel tubing, Engine cylinders and block liners