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AR2700M Multi-refrigerant (not SAEJ2788 approved)
For R134a, R12, R22, R502, R404a, R402a, R401a, R407c and R409a
The AR2700M, AR2700MJ, and AR2700ME come with a pump down valve and is meant for multiple refrigerant change out.

The new semi-automatic machine incorporates ball valves instead of solenoids and check valves in the recovery and evacuation flow path. Both of these components are susceptible to in-field failure when exposed to foreign contaminants such as aftermarket A/C sealants, loose desiccant, and other particles that cause them to leak or seal closed. The machine can be run with a selectable valve for low, high or both in recovery, recycling, and recharge mode. Machine comes with a50 Lbs tank or can purchase a 90Lbs tank separately.

• All-Metal Cabinet
• Tool Drawer for tools
• Selectable operating language
 6 CFM Vacuum pump
• 8-foot hoses with Manual couplers.
• Option longer hoses for large trucks, container, etc.
• Pump down valve allows the user to pump down the machine and switch out tanks and filters for multi-refrigerant use.

• ARXF2: Filter
• ARXC: Nylon Cover