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Add A/C system performance to your routine inspections with CarSmart AC Inspector. This quick and easy inspector provides accurate, non-invasive A/C system performance analyses and can be performed by a service advisor or junior technician in just two minutes.

  • CarSmart AC Inspector measures air entering the A/C system and compares it to the air supplied through the vents in the vehicle cabin. This information is transmitted to a mechanics tablet which displays and exports detailed reports to show how well the air conditioning is performing in specific terms as specified by vehicle manufacturers.
  • Utilizing this technology is quick, easy and enhances the value-added service to the customer while reinforcing the professionalism of the technician.
  • Providing customers with professional onscreen or printed reports helps promote AC service, such as a system charge or repair while giving the vehicle owner the peace of mind in knowing that it is a necessary service. The CarSmart AC Inspector can also save customers money by identifying an issue such as a low refrigerant charge before it becomes an expensive repair.