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14 Piece Shock Absorver/Strut Tool Kit CTA-3039

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  • Addresses the most common issue of tightening the top mount nut while holding the strut
  • Allows for proper torque to be applied to the top nut
  • Constructed of Chrome Vanadium
  • Includes:
    • 82mm Deep Sockets sizes: 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 & 24mm
    • 3 Hex bits, 6, 7 & 8mm
    • Sliding T-Bar
    • 21mm Go-Through Ratchet
    • 2 Slotted Double-D sockets: (5 x 8) & (6 x 8)

Application Chart: 

Make Hex Size Socket Size
Mercedes Benz 6mm & 8mm 19mm Socket
BMW 8mm Appropriate Socket
GM/Vauxhall 7mm Appropriate Socket
VW/Audi Slot DD Socket 17mm Socket


Replacement Part #'s:

3039X01 Pass Through Socket 16mm x 77mm Long
3039X02 Pass Through Socket 17mm x 77mm Long
3039X03 Pass Through Socket 18mm x 77mm Long
3039X04 Pass Through Socket 19mm x 77mm Long
3039X05 Pass Through Socket 21mm x 77mm Long
3039X06 Pass Through Socket 22mm x 77mm Long
3039X07 Pass Through Socket 24mm x 77mm Long
3039X08 Sliding Bar 250mm Long
3039X09 Hex Extension Bar H6 x 125mm Long
3039X10 Hex Extension Bar H7 x 125mm Long
3039X11 Hex Extension Bar H8 x 125mm Long
3039X12 Double-D Socket 5 x 8mm / 123mm Long
3039X13 Double-D Socket 6 x 8mm / 123mm Long
3039X14 Pass Through Ratchet 72 Teeth / 275mm Long