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Digital Battery & Elec Sys Analyzer Digital Battery Analyzer w/ Printer

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ests New Start/Stop Batteries ~
Accurate Battery & Electrical System Tester
Features programmed test for new Start/Stop Batteries

3 Testers in ONE!
1) 6 & 12 Volt Battery Tester + 12V Start/Stop Battery Test
2) 12 & 24 Volt Charging System Tester
3) Alternator-Starting-Charging System Tester

Wide Testing Range from 40 to 2,000 CCA
Built-in Printer - print the results for permanent service records
Removable/Replaceable Cable Set
Patented Dynamic Resistance Technology

Tests 4 types of Starting Batteries
1. Regular Flooded Lead Acid sample test report
2. AGM Flat Plate
3. AGM Spiral

Tests 2 types of Start/Stop batteries
2. AGM Flat Plate

Test batteries in 5 different ratings
SAE (CCA): 40~2,000
EN: 40~2,100
DIN: 25~1,300
IEC: 30~1,500
JIS: Battery Type No.

Voltmeter range: 1.5V to 30V
6.5 Foot Test Cable (80 inches)
Six Language Menu
Uses 4x AA batteries
Backlit LCD Display - easy to read
Includes 2 rolls of printer paper - replacement paper part #726-1