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6 Pc. Flare Nut Metric Wrench Set

  • Opening in the head gives greater access to fittings used on tubing
  • Hex shaped heads maintain a more secure grip on fasteners
  • Ideal for use on hex nuts made of softer materials
  • 15° offset wrench heads
  • Sizes stamped on both sides of the wrench beam for quick identification
  • Manufactured from alloy steel for better strength and longer tool life
  • Bright, full polish chrome finish wipes easily clean to resist rust and corrosion
  • Plastic tray included for tool retention and storage 
    81644 9mm x 11mm Flare Nut Wrench
    81645 10mm x 12mm Flare Nut Wrench
    81646 13mm x 14mm Flare Nut Wrench
    81647 15mm x 17mm Flare Nut Wrench
    81648 16mm x 18mm Flare Nut Wrench
    81649 19mm x 21mm Flare Nut Wrench