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This short barrel hammer will deliver the punch you need to get the job done fast and comfortably! Great for exhaust and front-end jobs, general bolt cutting, pin driving and body shearing work. 122MAXK Air Hammer Kit combines the 122MAX Air Hammer into the convenience of a kit. Kit includes: 122MAX Air Hammer, Quick change retainer, 5-piece chisel set, and a case.

  • MAX COMFORT: Anti-vibration feature reduces tool vibration by over 30% when compared to standard air hammers in its class, plus, an Ergonomic grip that provides comfort for extended use
  • MAX POWER: 5% increase in impact force over standard air hammer product offering
  • MAX PRODUCTIVITY: Quick-change retainer allows for faster chisel changeovers, so you can get the job done.
  • Optimized for the vehicle repair industry, heavy trucks, and MRO
  • 1-year warranty