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POWER: A solid steel impact mechanism and robust motor deliver extreme torque that lasts for the life of the tool.

DURABILITY: The steel core and chemical resistant housing are made to last even in the harshest working conditions.

ERGONOMICS: The tool’s lighter weight and adjustable handle design increase maneuverability and comfort. 

  • Solid steel impact mechanism: Deliver 2,000 ft- lbs of torque
  • Highly engineered design: Delivers the power you need over the life of the tool 
  • Steel core design: Nothing’s been proven to last longer
  • Chemical resistant housing & steel core: Stands up to drops and harsh work environments
  • Lightweight: weighs in under 20 lbs.
  • 360° adjustable handle: The side handle rotates fully around the tool as the job demands
  • Swivel hose connection: Keeps cords from getting tangled so you can move freely around the garage