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56150 Combination Flaring Tool Works for Single and Double Flares, Also ISO (Bubble) Flares. 56150 This set includes all the adapters and tools necessary for single and double flaring (standard and metric) plus the ISO (bubble) flare. Works on aluminum, copper and soft steel tubing. Not recommended for stainless steel. The set is packed in a plastic molded storage case with complete instructions. Part Number Description 31180 3/8" Adapter 31370 3/16" Adapter 31380 

31180 3/8" Adapter
31370 3/16" Adapter
31380 1/4" Adapter
31390 5/16" Adapter
31410 1/2" Adapter
56220 6mm Adapter
56240 10mm Adapter
56270 4.75mm ISO Adapter
56300 6mm ISO Adapter
56330 8mm ISO Adapter
56360 10mm ISO Adapter