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Kit Makes Testing Relays or Live Circuits Quick and Easy

*Includes 8 Jumpers to fit most popular relays. 

*Includes Test Lead Kit for easily and securely connecting Relay Test Jumpers to a multimeter. 

*Terminal Leads with switch, fuse and power options provide easy access to check current or voltage on many fuses and relays used on vehicles today. 

*Also allows testing of relay configurations not covered by our eight Relay Test Jumpers, Like Volkswagen, BMW and other European vehicles.  

*Relay Puller Pliers easily remove electrical relays.

*Works without piercing wires.



Amount Part Number Description
1 69260 Switch with 4mm Stackable Banana
1 69270 4mm Female Banana to Alligator Clamp
2 69280 Red 4mm Banana to 1/4" Femal Terminal
2 69290 Green 4mm Banana to 1/4" Male Spade
2 69310 Yellow 4mm Banana to 2.75mm Male Spade
2 69320 Blue 4mm Banana to 7.75mm Male Spade
2 69330 Black 4mm Banana to Stripped wire end
1 69340 4mm Banana males with inline ATO Fuse
2 69350 39 3/8" 4mm Female to 4mm Male Extension
1 69200 Relay Test Jumper Wire Set
1 56820 Yellow Relay Test Jumper
1 56830 Red Relay Test Jumper
1 56840 Blue Relay Test Jumper
1 56850 Green Relay Test Jumper
1 60620  Orange Relay Test Jumper
1 60630 White Relay Test Jumper
1 60640  Purple Relay Test Jumper
1 60650 Gray Relay Test Jumper
1 46950 Relay Puller Pliers