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The Funnel Lok™ hands-free funnel holder is a simple, yet revolutionary tool designed to hold any standard-size funnel firmly in place--making it easy to transfer gasoline, oil, coolant, or any other fluids and powders without slipping or spilling. Provides a stable “third hand”. Shaped like a pair of pliers with spring torque action, the Funnel Lok™ features four stabilizing prongs that can be inserted into any container or tank opening from 1 ¼” to 2 ¼” in size. Once the prongs are inside, the user simply releases the tool. This creates a steady base for the funnel to be held securely in place by the adjustable rings.

Is an indispensable tool for the home, professional garage or factory. Made of durable ABS material. Allows the air to vent, which eliminates the risk of blow back. Users can also more easily monitor the rising fluid level inside the container or tank. It not only prevents spills of potentially hazardous chemicals, but its hands-free design allows containers to fully drain. Since the funnel is firmly held in place by the Funnel Lok™ , the container can rest in the funnel hands-free until the last drop. With both hands free, consumers can also use two hands to pour bigger or larger, economy-size containers--saving money and packaging materials in the process.