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CARBON CLEAN 1000 - F.O.B MOT-500-0220

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Single line, one step operation. Closed system with premixed chemicals allows for minimal setup and fast services • Online application guide that covers 1987 to current model year vehicles provides step by step instructions on how to connect to thousands of vehicles. Because it’s online, it’s always current • Complete set of adapters is included for fast and easy hook up. A unique manifold block assembly makes connecting to the fuel rail a simple and painless procedure (Fig. 1) • Diagnostic capabilities. Fuel pressure leak down detects if fuel pump/regulator or injector is leaking. Fuel volume test veries if pump and lter are performing adequately • Professional heavy duty, rolling cabinet provides rugged utility with onboard storage for adapters • System can run unattended. An alarm buzzer tells you when the service is complete, so the vehicle can be turned off without setting “check engine” codes