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This outstanding new model by Midtronics starts with their most comprehensive battery and electrical systems analyzer, and adds commercial fleet capabilities. User interface and ease of use have been improved over their Micro-series products with enhanced display graphics, screen-flow and alpha-numeric keypad. Use of temperature measurement via an infrared temp-sensor and deep scan technology improve accuracy as well as decisiveness across a wider range of batteries than ever before. Displays voltage, measured CCA, battery, starting and charging system condition. SD memory card capable for record keeping, data transfer, and software upgrades. Recall last test on screen or print to optional printer. Same tester platform required by International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Travel Centers of America - does not provide warranty code Battery test routine designed for multiple-battery vehicles: pack-test up to 6 batteries in parallel without disconnecting Tests 6 and 12V batteries including conventional automotive, Group 31 and other commercial batteries, AGM and Gel. Tests 12 and 24V starting and charging systems Cable-drop test simultaneously calculates the voltage drop across the positive and negative sides of any circuit and total circuit drop without running engine Digital multi-meter capabilities with scope and infrared temperature readings Every EXP-1000HD model includes a protective molded hard-side carrying case. Regardless of which configuration you choose, the carrying case will hold all accessories, with room for future options.Midtronics EXP-1000-HD-AMP Digital Battery and Electrical System Analyzer with Inductive Amp-Clamp for Heavy Duty