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Air-assist primary stage for rapidly raising the mounting head, activated by depressing foot pedal.

• Hydraulic secondary stage for precise operator control, activated by a hand pump to raise the load, and a release knob to lower the load.

• Big, easy-to-grip knobs that make mounting head adjustments simple, and a safety chain for securing the load.

• Wide leg base with 4" polyurethane swivel wheels that provide stability and easy maneuvering. (Brakes on two of the wheels.)

• Safety overload system to prevent the heavy-duty transmission jack from being used beyond its rated capacity.

Max. Load Capacity - 1,000 lbs.

Overall Height (low position) - 37-5/8", Max. Height - 76-1/2"

Max. Forward Tilt - 42°, Max. Backward Tilt - 46°, Max. Side Tilt (either side) - 12°

Leg Width - 37-1/8