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The OTC 7448A is designed for direct fuel rail and injection cleaning. Our recommended process runs your engine with a strong cleaning solvent, like OTC's 7000A Pro Inject-R Kleen (sold separately) - which is introduced directly into the fuel rail where maximum benefit is achieved. Debris that is loosened or dissolved is then combusted and ultimately removed through the vehicles exhaust system.

OTC's 7448A is machined from stainless steel hydraulic cylinder - has a 22 oz. capacity, and is able to handle pressures up to 30,000 psi! The full size cap makes adding solvents easy and spill proof. The 3-1/2" gauge on the OTC 7448A makes setting the outlet pressure  simple and acccurate. Only a quarter turn is needed to open - or close the system. Our hose meets the SAE J30R9 standard for safe transfer of gasoline and ethanol blended fuels. Our hose is removable which improves storage options and if inadvertently damaged - very easy to replace.

To improve our products performance life - we added a "blowout" attachment so any residual solvent can be removed from the hose with shop air supply.

We include our Fuel Injection Application Manual 6550MAN-13. This accessory is packed full of pertinent information for gasoline powered vehicles from 1997 to 2013 model years and is ONLY available from OTC. We give you Fuel Pump Disconnect points, Fuel Rail Break-in points, OE fuel pressure specs and the correct OTC adapter required.

For full coverage adapter sets see OTC 6550PRO - sold separately. If your vehicle fails to start, or is rough running....or maybe the fuel economy isn't what it should be;  look to OTC for the service tools that can help. The safety and innovative features of OTC's 7448A are exactly what you need to get that vehicle back on the road!