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Simple and easy to use Using the rotary switch on the handle, select the type of current: AC or DC. Press the lever to open the clamp meter jaw and insert the wire or cable into the opening. Read the current measurement on the LCD display. How it works The CM series of clamp meters measure the electrical current in wires, cables or electrical wiring systems by detecting the magnetic field generated around them by the flow of electricity. These instruments are capable of measuring currents without direct contact to the circuit for quick, safe and accurate results. Besides detecting and measuring current, current peaks and parasitic draws, they also integrate voltage, resistance and continuity measurement functions, to cover a wide range of common electrical measurements.

State of the art ergonomic design and styling for enhanced handling and use. Three models with wide measuring ranges: 1 mA to 100 A (CM100), 0.1 A to 600 A (CM600) and 0.1 A to 1000 A (CM1000). AC/DC current and voltage measurement. Ultra-low current measurement capability (1 mA for CM100) for current leak measurement and troubleshooting. Safely measures current without contact with the wire or circuit. Double insulation, IEC 1010, CAT II 600V (CM100 and CM600), CAT II 1000 V (CM1000). Continuous reading and data hold modes. Auto zero button for easy and quick zeroing of the measurement. Quick response: <0.5 seconds="" large="" lcd="" display="" with="" symbols="" soft="" pouch="" for="" instrument="" protection="" auto="" power="" off="" span="" id="mce_marker" data-mce-type="bookmark" data-mce-fragment="1">​