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Smartach : Diesel and Gasoline Engine Tachometer

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  The TA303 Smartach is a tachometer designed for use on any engine equipped with an alternator, and only requires a simple connection to the electrical system (e.g. battery, alternator, cigarette lighter connector) to measure engine RPM. Taking advantage of the ripples generated by the alternator, the TA303 automatically calculates the relationship between the speed of the engine and the alternator ripples, and uses them to measure RPM on any piston engine regardless of its ignition system (Diesel or gasoline).

  The TA303 does not require direct contact or line of sight to rotating parts, or reflective tape like with optical tachometers, or mounting of special sensors or pickups, or other specialized equipment. It comes with the cables to connect to the battery or other accessible power outlet, a cigarette lighter socket connector and 10' extension cable. 

  • Advanced technology for measuring RPM in Diesel and gasoline engines without complicated or lengthy setups.
  • Works with Diesel, Gasoline, GNC and any other piston engines equipped with an alternator.
  • Measures from 200 to 9999 RPM
  • For 1 to 12 cylinders and 2 or 4 cycle engines
  • Does not require:
  • Contact with any part of the engine
  • Maintaining line of sight of rotating parts
  • Placing optical or magnetic sensors on the engine
  • Two types of cables adaptors and one extension cable allows to take RPM readings away from hot or moving parts in the engine.